Monday, March 29, 2010

Choose Love, or Choose Hate

Whatever you may think of the product, it has been clear for a long time now that DDB's long term thinking for Marmite has been absolutely brilliant. They took an unfashionable 'growing up' spread and turned it into a credible brand of popular culture.

The new Marmite Election work is the latest piece of great work for the brand. Staging a Love it Party vs Hate it Party election alongside the general election. It's a smart idea, seemingly well produced and perhaps best of all, totally right for the brand.

The understanding of the brand is for me what makes this stuff so good; they took an insight that most brands would run screaming from and turned into a USP. That they stay true to this so many years later shows not only good agency leadership, but good client leadership. This is a brand that knows its tone of voice, knows its attitude and damn as near nails them every time.

I love it, I might add.

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