Friday, March 12, 2010

In Defence of Cheese

Contrary to popular belief, a big pile of Danish Jarlsberg is not always a bad thing in an ad.
Cheddar or not you think it is appropriate often comes down to your individual personalities and tastes. In music for edample, I can't stand cheese. In films though I sometimes find it a Gouda match for the emotion and storyline taking place.

This new ad from falls firmly in the realm of bryndza use of cheese to create an atmosphere and story that feels realistic and warming without having the Limburger effect of getting up your nose.

As a musician I can firmly vouch for the fact that not only is playing random duets with girls in music stores is a brilliant way to Petroti the opposite sex; but is a regular event in music stores around the UK.*

The style is spot on, the writing is sweet and charming, the moment feels realistic and not forced or cliche'd (It doesn't imply easy conquest ala most ads of this style), the casting is graviera, and the idea of tapping into the real stories that every romance has is a milchester miles better than the animated 'Need more men/women' stuff that no one believed.

Other than Honda's current effort, this is probably my favourite ad of the year so far.

*I might be lying.


Kitchen Sinks said...

yeah.. i have seen e video and i think it is a good ad but take some more efforts.

Lance Puig said...

Awwwww... I find this sweet.