Friday, July 02, 2010

Good Day to You Sir

I was worried that the new ad for Fosters by Adam and Eve would be yet another retread over the worn Australian cliche's, surviving on stereotype alone. Not that Fosters have been overly guilty of it, but in general Aussie stereotypes are one dimensional and obvious.

Happily this ad is a nicely written piece of work with a warmth you might not expect from Fosters. It's still funny though, and shows a nicer positive side to Australian thinking, rather than the old XXXX style negativity/selfishness.

As for the tagline and idea I'm not totally sure, using a well known phrase in that way offers a lot of potential for the brand but maybe risks getting old fast. The execution links well though, the idea of calling in some Aussie positivity feels really nice and spot on for the brand.



noliverh said...

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Charles Frith said...

Love this ad.