Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cutting it Fine

Long time readers will know I quite often post about shaving; as it's a subject that is close to my chin, and also the marketing work tends to be pretty poor (on average).

I thought it might be worth posting about the arguments going on today about King of Shaves' new online video. Brand Republic is host to some vivid discussion about it, and the overall consesus is not good. an opinion I share.

However, the brand has been doing something positive; and that is responding and engaging in a negative debate rather than hiding away. Whether it is actually Will King or some other employee I don't know, but it is a positive move; and much more like the brand I would like to see King of Shaves be than the Loadedesque chaufeminism of the video.

They went onto Brand Republic and replied and tackled comments of sexism, and then when I talked about it on twitter they got in touch, discussed the issues I had, and then offered me a free trial of the product. We agreed to disagree but they listened, responded and made a point of noting my comments. I still think it was a shit ad, but if this is an indication of the way they treat customers and handle social commentary; they have the potential of a brand that could start to do much much better.

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