Monday, August 02, 2010

Fur Goodness Sake

My main worry about the Compare the Meerkat ads was how they would manage to keep the idea going without it becoming annoying. The GoCompare ad lasted 1 viewing, but as of yet the meerkat is still working. (Though people saying 'simples' is a little worn...)

A big part of that for me is the clear care that goes into them, the way that the online takes the TV ad and rounds it into a fully formed world. Take the latest ad:

It's not hilarious, but it keeps the story going nicely. The real star of the show is online, where the ad series is available as a pastiche movie poster, where there are fake reviews and cinema aping visuals. (Meermax... genius)

However my favourite bit is the reference to Aleksandr's papa having to take a second job comparing Muskrats. I searched for, and guess what... it's up as a really cheesy porn-esque site, with a warning about 'uncensored muskrats', cheesy porn style music and a 'all muskrats appearing are of legal age' disclaimer.

Just brilliant. If only all ads had this much care put into them.

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