Saturday, December 04, 2010

Review of 2010 - Part One - Music

There have been some brilliant albums released this year, perhaps a surprising number of disappointing ones too. But here are my picks for albums and tracks of the year:


The Drums - The Drums
Maybe deserving of plaudits simply for not being drowned in the hype and expectation surrounding it. More so though for being irresistibly catchy and writing the best song about surfing since the Beach Boys.

Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - The Golden Year
Perhaps (sadly) more likely to be remembered for the tragic death of their lead singer than their actual music, this album was a totally unexpected surprise. Some amazing songs and a brilliant sound that feels retro but without feeling dated or cliche'd.

Deftones - Diamond Eyes
Great album. Really great album. Punctuated with two of the best metal tracks of this century. When Chi Cheng finally wakes up from his coma, I can't wait to see him play this stuff with the band again.

Wavves - King of the Beach
Noisy surf punk genius.


The Drums - Me and the Moon
Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - The Key
Deftones - Diamond Eyes
Mark Ronson - The Bike Song
Hurts - Silver Lining

One More Thing:

I still for the life of me cannot understand how on earth a band as dull as the XX have managed to become so popular. It's about as exciting as a wholemeal cucumber sandwich with margarine. I understand the potential of things being simple and minimal, but please let's not have minimal equating to deathly boring.

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andreea said...

The xx sound like Erlend Oye or Kings of Convenience in a way - can't say I love them but I'm shocked they got so many awards!