Monday, February 07, 2011

Some Recent Irritations and Some Pleasantries

The Kings Speech - "It's my film of the year, definitely." This ad aired in January, you must have said that in mid January. Are you planning to watch no other films this year?

Niquitin - This is an interesting idea. I like the concept of your future self telling you to stay positive. However, I find it comical that this ad manages to create a homoerotic environment between a man and his future self. A version of Back to the Future I think very few people would want to see...

Plus, if you were to bump into your future self; I think the first thing you would be likely to say is "What on earth? How the hell did this happen?". Not "I've given up smoking."

Quitting Advice from the Future You

Go Compare - The latest Go Compare ad is easily the best one yet. I know that's like saying Typhoid is better than Anthrax... but an improvement is an improvement. It also features the first line in the series that is actually kind of witty.

Kit Kat - Lovely. The best Kit Kat ad in ages.

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