Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Letter to Samsung

Dear Samsung,

I write as a person who has regular contact with your products, most of which are excellent. (My wife's last four phones have all been Samsung)

My problem however is with your customer service.

I bought a Galaxy Tablet recently, having phoned your support line to ask if it had a physical security lock point; a question to which your advisor gave a clear 'yes' to. On receipt of the item, I noticed it has no security point whatsoever.

I phoned again to complain and try and find a security solution, apart from giving me the accessories number it seemed the person on the phone (definitely didn't sound UK based) couldn't do anything more to help.

I checked your website for a contact email. Nothing.

I rang the accessories number, and was told that "This isn't the accessories line, this is for cancelled orders. I'll put you through to accessories."

The next person picked up, "This isn't accessories" and then gave me the exact number I dialled in the first place.

So. Would someone like to help me by either offering some kind of apology for the incorrect information given before purchase? Would someone like to help me solve the security problem I have given I cannot find a single product that I need to make it secure as required? Would someone like to tell me why a company that makes as many great products as Samsung has given such poor service?


Dodplas said...

Why did you buy a Galaxy Tablet?

Is this letter actually being sent to anyone at Samsung?

Anonymous said...

Should have got an ipad and wouldn't have had to call Apple!

Rob Mortimer said...

@Dodplas It's not for me. If I find an envelope...

@Anon - We needed it to run flash content, and Apple see no flash, hear no flash and speak no flash

Password Manager said...

Nothing is more frustrating than bad customer service. If it makes you feel any better I have been through the same thing with Samsung and Sony recently.

Carol L. Weinfeld said...

This is very disappointing. Sorry to hear about this. Hopefully writing a message to http://twitter.com/samsunguk or http://www.facebook.com/SamsungUK could help you.