Monday, March 21, 2011

Totally Awful

Some ads are just bad, some are really bad. Some just pass by without doing much, while others make you want to rip your hair out. (Those of you who have any left)

It takes something however to make an ad that is so bad that it makes me consider not buying a brand I have been loyal to for over a decade; just to object to being made to watch it.

Unlike the ads for Colgate sensitive, which (whilst being flat and direct) told a new piece of information that was interesting to learn, and were at least a bit interesting; the new Colgate Total ad commits too many sins to be forgivable.

It's flat and direct, it looks dubbed, it features a hideously bad personal trial mechanic, it has nothing to engage the viewer with at all.

The brand has a history of straightforward ads, but this is the weakest I can remember. The old stuff about 'More dentists use Colgate Total' was genuinely interesting and persuasive, the demonstration of how Colgate Sensitive stops tooth pain was informative... this just feels like being lectured.

When people talk about the internet and how a one-way monologue is no longer relevant; it is this kind of stuff that they are talking about.

I won't subject you to it, so here (about 3 ads in) is a better ad from the brand in 1995.

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Jake said...

Haha! Completely agree! It is so bad! I love that you recognize it!