Wednesday, March 09, 2011

A Planner in Hong Kong Part 1

Almost two weeks in Hong Kong now, and the days are flying past. I shall be writing about the experience over the next week or so, feel free to read or ignore at your leisure!

Part 1 - Flying!

Now I hope not to jinx this as I am yet to fly back at time of writing, but my journey here left me extremely impressed with Qatar Airways. Great service and excellent food made the journey as comfy as it could be for someone who's legs are too long for economy class.

I wanted to fly Virgin Atlantic after the great experience we had last time, but I think so far Qatar are pipping it.

The food was great (for air travel), it tasted good and didn't have the texture of polystyrene. The seats were comfortable and had a little more leg room than I remember on some other flights.

The little thing that said it all for me was the blanket. On most airlines they are these horrible wool/nylon static monstrosities that feel cheap and nasty. On Qatar they were soft and fluffy as a kitten that has just been machine washed with Comfort softener.

The service was excellent too, friendly staff who were happy to help out the whole way through the flight.

I also finally got to see The Social Network too. Great film.

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