Friday, September 21, 2007

Mega Cool. What a Groovy Thing to Do Lads.

Middle aged boardrooms trying to be cool are so bloody annoying. Their constant desire to be hip, to be with it, to get down with the kids.

Its so embarrassing.

Now the respected name of Virgin Megastores is to leave the highstreet after being bought out. You'd think they would find a good solid name to try and help maintain the company after rebranding wouldnt you. But no.

They have picked the most ridiculous example of 50 year old boardroom mid life crisis dictionary burning ever.

The new name for Virgin Megastores is: Zavvi

*bangs head on wall*

Its a name I can see in many places... "Zavvi in financial trouble", "Zavvi sales down", "Zavvi undertake rebranding", "Zavvi undertakes another rebrand", "Zavvi goes bust", "Zavvi is bought out", "Zavvi to return to Virgin name".

Argh. Poor Richard Branson, all that hard work...


Anonymous said...

What would you have come up with?

Rob Mortimer (aka Famous Rob) said...

Good question.
I doubt it would be anything as calamatous as Zavvi though.

It will take some brilliant design and branding to make that name anything other than terrible.

David Mortimer said...

Still, nice picture...

Rob Mortimer (aka Famous Rob) said...

Isnt it just.
Shame the artist didnt have a more inspiring comment considering his building reputation in adland ;)

David Mortimer said...

Give me a break, I've only just got the internet. My belief that an email inbox should always show 0 New has taken its toll on my once mad typing skills.

The word Zavvi makes me think of some dull electronics shop where you can go to buy a cheap ex-rental TV with broken teletext.

I always feel stores that sell Gamed, DVDs etc should have names that inspire you to think the perfect slice of entertainment could be in there if you search the shelves hard enough.

Gamestation, Virgin Megastore, even PC World. Some of them can be just tiny shops, but they sound like they'll be the place to stock what you want.

By having a name that makes it hard to even understand what it is they sell, I doubt it will spring to mind when you think of buying Alan Partdridge on DVD. Which you should by the way.

Now update you music blog, I have a band to spread the word of!