Friday, September 28, 2007

Blog of the Week!

Here is my favourite blog for this week. I am surprised I don't see it mentioned more often, considering there are plenty of ads to go in it.

I am referring to "TV's Worst Adverts", a great site where we can truly see the worst of what UK advertising has to offer.

Go now, vote and revel in the awfulness!

TV's Worst Adverts


Silky said...

Thanks very much for the mention and I'm glad you like the site. Cheers.

FishNChimps said...

face it, this would be a dull industry if most of what we produced wasn't shite

David Mortimer said...

I'm glad someone else hates the Head and Shoulders advert.

I can't help but think they're limiting their audience by trying to appeal to groups of male friends who describe eachother as 'plain gorgeous'.

Mickey has some odd friends...

Rob Mortimer said...

Chimp - Probably true, but then again it would also be dull if we didnt criticise what was bad in order to improve!

Dave - Its just a terrible ad. Its as cliche'd and forced as any ad I can remember in recent times.