Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wiki'd. I Can't Believe I Typed That...

I'm making a stand that every planner has to wikichain at least once a week.

You know, that time killing device whereby you go to Wikipedia to look at Virgin Atlantic and somehow 3 hours later find yourself reading about Erasure. [ Something like, you followed a link of "aircraft", then from there you clicked "flying picket", then the band "flying pickets, then "only you", then Yazoo, then "Vince Clarke", then "Erasure".]

The big thing for me is, that not only is a great teacher of how things tie together, but it serves a more fundamental purpose being able to see objects and events as a whole; which makes it easier to see how objects have a meaning for people, how they are relevant in their lives, and sometimes how companies completely miss the point.

Everyone do something for me. Go to Wikipedia. Start on the article "advertising", then click on a link within that article. 10 articles later tell me where you end up. Thanks :)


Nick said...

OK here goes:
1 Advertising
2 non-profit organisation
3 tax deduction
4 primary residence
5 mortgage
6 home ownership/owner-occupier
7 interest
8 money
9 economics
10 advertising

What does that prove?

Rob @ Cynic said...

I actually have been wanting to write a post about 'linking the unexpected' so now you've inspired me to get off my arse and do it ... and hopefully it won't take as long as the Microsoft WOW thing did :)

Marcus said...

1. public address
2. Intercom
3. Bells
4. Church bell
5. Lutheran
6. divine grace
7. Original Sin
8. total depravity.
9. Council of Trent
10. Indulgences

np said...

Too embarrased to admit where I ended up

Rob Mortimer said...

Thanks peeps.
Ah go on NP, can't be worse than Erasure surely??

FishNChimps said...

Advertising > non profit organization > Environment > Natural environment > Nature > Deforestation > Biodiversity > Extinction > Zoology > Jane Goodall > CHIMPANZEES !!!