Friday, November 16, 2007

Who ate all the pies?

For all the talk of brand relationships and the places that brands hold in our hearts and minds; I had completely forgotten about one of my longest running and strongest brand relationships.

Pukka Pies.

The pie equivalent of Yorkshire Tea.

If I went into a chip shop that served non-Pukka Pies, I would almost certainly have fish or a sausage. My association of quality is that strong that I would usually change my eating plans just because my favoured brand isnt there.

I wouldnt do that for Coke/Pepsi, nor many other 'FMCG' type brands, yet I would for Pukka.

I think their slogan in the image above is a large part of that. You always feel the products are cared about, designed and made with care and passion. That comes through in the product itself, especially in the packaging for their supermarket sold pies for the home.

Whats unusual is how I didn't even think of how strong my associations were at any other time until I ate one today. It was like I didn't even realise how strong my feelings for the brand were.
All this thinking is making me hungry... ;)

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Rob @ Cynic said...

Pukka Pies in England ... Hanks Jam in Australia ... amazing how something so potentially category generic can mean so much in our hearts and minds even though they don't spend anything other than 16 pence a year on marketing.

Jesus, this is sounding strangely like a lovemark acknowledgment isn't it!