Thursday, January 17, 2008

Today's Lesson

Don't act saucy parts in adverts unless you are certain a career in schooling is not for you!


jigsandreels said...

Hi Rob
David Bell of CBJWT suggested I get in contact with you for a brief chat - any chance you could get in touch?
Cheers Jen

Rob @ Nonsense said...

Hi Rob,

I hope you voted...

How's things, btw? Job?? I'm trying to get my own blog going, and things at Nonsense are still all good.

Take it easy,


Cynical Rob said...

Club 18-30 ads are even more subtle than this pile of lowest common denominator cliche-ridden wank.

I'm just shocked they didn't send people to their website, or their sales catalogue - which is probably featured in the Sunday Sport or Razzle.

[The 'Word Verification' thing I have to type in to get this post up includes the word TIT. How appropriate!]