Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Web 6.0? Oh no....

"Ever feel like the online world is leaving you behind?"

No quite frankly, but I am sure a lot of people do. Which is why I severely dislike the new radio ads for government backed training schemes.

The ads are basic and reasonable enough, but using those annoying alienation tactics I loathe so much. "Mum who is jealous that her daughter gets online tips from her friends mum" and "Grandad who feels silly not being able to get in touch with his family" are among two ideas that just sound patronising when they should be inspiring.

Win back your kids love by knowing some good URLs! No. A better understanding of what your kid enjoys and gets up to? Yes.

Yes, tell over 50's that they can keep in better touch with their families using the internet; but don't insult their intelligence whilst doing it.

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Anonymous said...

That's awful. I haven't heard the radio ad before but if that is the case, they're obviously doing it wrong. The Internet can be a very scary thing for somebody who is not familiar with it. Such an ad might only make them more hesitant to try the technology and create more distance between them and the very people they want to communicate more with.