Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Stone the Crows

Here in one ad, we are reminded just how good Gorilla was (and I frankly was muted on it compared to most people), how good the old flake ads were, and how inconsequential the new one seems to be.

It might as well be a promo for her new album. In fact the only good thing about it is the reference to the sexual innuendo of old by having her drop bits of the bar down her top. But even that feels weak compared to the simplicity and power of even the most over the top of the old flake ads.

Besides, when dropping chocolate into cleavage is the highlight of your new ad (and you aren't advertising Lynx) be very worried.

Three words repeatedly come to mind here, apart from 'poor casting' and 'a celebrity does not work as flake girl', they are this: Trying.Too.Hard.


pisspoorenglish said...

Total fecking bollocks.

They were my three words. This and the Ewan McGregor ad have found new depths of shittyadmadeworsebycelebrityness.

that's an actual word.

Age said...

maaaan, that is pretty bad isn't it?
what happened to Joss Stone? Such a great voice wasted by out of touch A&R and (as this ad shows) bad management...

Rob Mortimer said...

Oxford English Dictionary here you go!

Saw you in Creative Review PPE :)

Isn't it just Age.

James Gordon-MacIntosh said...

Aye, what a pile of total toss. Should never have been allowed.