Thursday, March 13, 2008

Talent Borrows, Genius Steals, Agencies Take Lock Stock and Dancing Bear

After yet more reported cases of adland completely ripping off an existing video/art installation/music video; is it not worrying anybody else that this seems to be becoming an endemic problem?

Creative media obviously takes influence from elsewhere, but I cannot remember so many cases in such a short space of time where ads are so clearly lifted from other works without even acknowledging the original.

It's not like there is an issue when the agency works with the creator (E.g.: W+K's Cravendale milk campaign) to adapt pieces, or at least acknowledges their rights to work; but this seems more problematic, as if some agencies are deliberately staying quiet to minimise damage to their creative reputations.

Or has this always been the case, but its just easier to find the original now?

(Nice new Xerox logo from, love the typography, especially on the X's)

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