Monday, March 03, 2008

The Great Drinks Debate

The Kaiser is hosting the battle of the beverages; and I have chosen the mantle of Great British Ale. Now, I contemplated some snazzy diagrams or charts, but frankly the facts speak for themselves. First round we are up against lager, please vote!

Why British Ale?

1. Choice - British ale comes in hundreds of varieties. Light, mild, bitter, dark, fruity, tangy. Whatever your taste in beer there is an ale to suit you.

2. Supporting Local Businesses - British Ale is made by hundreds of small independent brewers, making new drinks every year to meet the tastes of the consumer. You can try different beers in every county in Britain. In contrast, lager is dominated by multinational conglomerates.

3. Development
- British Ale constantly changes and develops, lager remains almost exactly the same as 30 years ago; yes, it still mostly tastes of cats piss. With ale you get both the heritage of the old, but development of the new.

4. Worth Fighting For - When the lager producing industries tried to use their ownership of pubs to force out real ale, they sparked a movement which became CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale), and slowly they fought back and ensured real ale retained its place. Who would campaign to save Carling or Carlsberg?!

5. Who Drinks It - When was the last time you heard of loutish teenagers causing trouble after sinking twenty pints of Bombadier or Old Speckled Hen?

Please vote now! Thank you.

Remember, this isn't about who drinks more of what. This is about the merits of each drink, and even if it was; ale is catching up lager as people get sick of every lager tasting the same... yes, like cat's piss.

Image from my favourite Ale makers - Black Sheep Brewery


David Mortimer said...

Don't forget the comedy names, like 'Nervous Turkey', 'Barnsley Gold' and 'Hopadoodledoo'.

Having said that, they all taste like banana to me...

f.m. said...

i was at a friend´s house the other day. we were drinking, yes, regular beer, stellas i think.
one of the guys had brought this ale.

no one drinks ale here. all lager. cat piss lager. this Otro Mundo stuff is export quality and was really great.

the guy told us that in the south there´s a lot of german inmigrants and there´s more of a beer culture and they make all kinds of good shit.

when i was in Australia i was amazed at the amount of beer they guys there drank. it´s that english culture i guess. here, we drink a lot of wine (red, malbec mostly) or fernet (italian digestive drink mixed with coke, great stuff) and yes, cat piss lagers.

shit, i´m going for a beer after work!


Toque said...

Will you support the campaign to get Alistair Darling banned from every pub in Britain?

Simply print off the poster and get your landlord to put it up in your local.