Tuesday, December 02, 2008

And before I finish my lunch

It's time to rejoice at the return of annoying stereotype cookery sauce ads. Did I say rejoice, sorry I meant smash the tv in annoyance.

The latest Uncle Bens ad depicts Indian folk in the only way possible (apparently), as Bollywood stars desperate to get their hands on the yummy sauce. (Cooked of course by a middle class white couple)

Why not go all out, show them all working in call centres? Or packed onto trains (oh no wait, they hint at that).

Next up is the Chinese soy sauce ad featuring children being forced into Olympic training, the American BBQ Sauce ad with Texas rednecks shooting their guns in the air, the UK Steak sauce ad with beefeaters sharing tea with the queen, and you get the idea.

Please can someone come up with a better way of advertising foreign influenced sauces than resorting to annoying stereotypes in cliched situations.

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niko said...

perhaps abit far fetched, but does this sort of execution come from some deepseated self loathing on the part of the brand?

uncle ben is the domesticated black man that the gen pop could find harmless and nice..

the brand is thus hampered to empower and can only resort to making stuff so bland and is incapable of celebrating heritage, cause it's own is murky?

the bigger danger is that, if the new flavour becomes a hit, due to lots of sampling and great shelfspace + distribution, this sort of thing will be used as a casestudy and people will demand this type of work

oh yeah and the agency suck ass for even suggesting this..