Friday, December 05, 2008

Save Tango!

Looks like BBH has rediscovered its inner HHCLness with the latest campaign for Tango. After years of declining sales they have launched the save tango campaign; which along with a brilliant website, appears to wholesale bring back the tone of voice much loved during the era of orange slappers and Ray Gardner fights. (In fact they even have them as classic ads to watch on the site)

Its all done with tongue in cheek and with that brilliantly sarcastic yet witty voice. The opening video is magnificent, with wonderfully written lines like: "that utterly senseless and irresponsible act was to illustrate a point, that a much loved brand is being beaten from existence." and "Even local schools are helping out, St Enids has introduced child labour to the curriculum." The 'can fist' symbol is a brilliant bit of hookery.

Games such as 'click as many times as you like, the more you click the more you help us'; in which cans constantly appear as you click; are brilliantly done.

The soprano voice for titles, the desktop images with 'Rainforests can grow back, save tango', the Tangometer sitting at 'Up the creek'; its all produced and thought out so well that it actually does remind you of the brilliance of their past, and how sad it would be to let it go.

So people. Can Fist. Save tango, if not for the drink, for the ads.


facu said...

never had tango. not british. some tears were shed.

Jam said...

Awesome stuff. Great fun, with the potential to be spread around.

And good news! As of now the tangometer is up at 'Slippery Slope'. Yesss.

Rob @ Cynic said...

I still wish they'd got 'Ray' from the orginal BCT ad rather than a bloke attempting to be him - but I appreciate I am being both pedantic and too emotionally involved.

Saying that, I love it and think it is absolutely true to the spirit of the brand - something that's been missing even towards the end of the HHCL days.

Even better is that BBH have another brand/campaign to go with AXE/Lynx that shows they're not all Audi driving, Guardian reading toffs. And that is a compliment.

Rob Mortimer said...

Thanks facu/Jam.

Rob: Aye, it would have been nicer with the original guy, though the new one isn't bad. The slight of hand to reveal the baseball bat is brilliant, and the whole thing is so well written.

But the spirit is everything here.

David MacGregor said...

I've tried Tango. Why save it? Bad taste. Ugly packaging. That said, you haven't experienced true vileness until you have endured an Irn Bru - which is supposedly made in Scotland, from girders - but I am guessing toxic loch sludge would be more likely.

Mourning the demise of Tango is really regretting the end of an ad campaign that was not enough to mask an irrelevant product in the age of Innocent.