Monday, December 22, 2008

Famous Rob's Review of 2008 Part Three

(Parts 4,5,+6 to follow before xmas)

The Misc Awards!

Ad that should have worked but didn't quite

Ford Focus - Ode

A nice idea, which didn't quite come off as well as it should. Though its not bad, it could have been magnificent.

Best Ad Ripped Off From Something Else

TFL - Bear

This TFL ad worked really well except for the fact it was someone elses footage that they copied without asking permission. Tut.

Best Retro Moment

Drench - Brains

Snap was back for a little while off this piece of brilliance.

The 'I wish I'd Thought of That' Award

New York Pizza - Damn Tasty

I think almost everyone in our office wished they had come up with this. Brilliant stuff.

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