Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Va Va Voom

Hi everyone! You know this blogging lark doesn't just allow me to get angry at ads I dislike, it ocassionally passes along interesting opportunities to do things and speak to people.

The Clio Awards are celebrating their 50th anniversary this year in Las Vegas, and the online entry system has now opened; allowing the cream of adland to submit their best work.

As part of this, I have been given the opportunity to speak to the director of the Clio Awards, Wayne Youkhana. I thought it would be nice to open up this interview to questions from my wonderful readers!

Please add your questions to this post, and the best selection will be put forward in a week or so.




Anonymous said...

why vegas and not miami again?

Rob Mortimer said...

Nice thought...

There are a couple of good questions passed to me via email which I will add shortly.

Rob @ Cynic said...

Do you think the industry is in danger of forgeting what it's actual purpose is from a commercial perspective?

Do you think we're getting more or less creative - and why?

Who do you think is the advertising industries real competitor [from a commercial imagination perspective, not from a client remuneration side]

niko said...

How come all the examples used in presentations and other material is about companies who's lead the majority don't follow (Apple, Nike, ect).

Has the mainstream acceptance of advertising as a profession, tamed it?

Why did no advertising company invent Dopplr, twitter, flickr for any of it's clients?

Rob Mortimer said...

Good questions Rob and Niko, thanks for those!