Thursday, January 29, 2009

La Clio.. erm... el Responsivous

A while back I asked both of you for some questions to put to the director of the Clio awards, Wayne Youkhana. He has kindly got back with some answers:

1. With all the award schemes that have risen up in the last 10 years do you think advertising awards have devalued their own currency? And if so, how do you maintain the value of the CLIO against the other major awards?The value of an advertising award is only as good as the credibility and respect it carries within the industry. CLIO has worked hard for 50 years to create and maintain the highest level of both, and is a leader in the Awards show arena.

2. What criteria do you use to judge creativity? Which do you think is the most important criteria?The highest levels of creativity entail fresh, simple, and well-executed ideas born out of the product. Each part being just as integral as the next. Examples of these award winning creative ideas will be on display in May at the 50th Anniversary CLIO Awards Festival in Las Vegas.

3. Do you think the industry is in danger of forgetting what its actual purpose is from a commercial perspective?No, because there’s always the client there to remind them of that purpose.

4. Do you think we're (as an industry) getting more or less creative - and why?I believe the industry is getting more creative as it works harder to make the client’s message stand out from their competitors. Powerful creativity is one way to achieve this.

5. Who do you think is the advertising industries’ real competitor? [from a commercial imagination perspective, not from a client remuneration side]Last year the industry was responding to consumer generated videos on sites like YouTube. This year it’s social-networking. Next year it might be something different. Regardless of what it is, at some point it becomes part of the industry as they will use it as yet another tool in developing solutions for their clients.

6. How come all the examples used in presentations and other material is about companies who's lead the majority don't follow (Apple, Nike, etc)? And why do you think other don't follow them despite their success?These are examples of big brands that take big risks that often reap big rewards. There’s a lot of fear out there, now more than ever, and some companies choose to play it safer than others.

7. Has the mainstream acceptance of advertising as a profession, tamed it?It has given it the legitimacy needed to allow for more risk-taking.

8. Why did no advertising company invent Dopplr, twitter, flickr for any of its clients?That’s the question that many agencies are asking themselves, “Why didn’t we think of that?”

9. Why Vegas and not Miami again?A survey of 1,800 respondents conducted in August 2008 found that Las Vegas was the most attractive and affordable option for the 2009 50th Anniversary CLIO Festival, because it is a city internationally renowned for its bright lights and great entertainment – a truly appropriate venue to showcase all talent and creativity within the industry.

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