Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mind the Inbox

I get 3 or 4 PR emails a day now promoting new campaigns, they come from pretty much anywhere in the world and provide me with useful first looks at things.

But most kudos should go to the folk at Immediate Future. While most others send brief summations with huge attachments included that fill my inbox up, the guys (and gals) there send polite emails that provide useful information on the ads and offer images and futher info if I wish to get it.

Perhaps more importantly, they only contact me about ads that seem interesting; as opposed to shoving every new campaign at me.

The bit that really makes the difference though, is that the people who contact me actually read my blog first. It might only be a scan through, but it makes me feel like I am personally contacted instead of being a name on a cc list.

That's how this kind of blogging pr should be done.

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