Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Famous Robs Review of 2008 - Part 6 (Final!)

Famous Robs Review of Famous Rob's 2008.


This has been an extremely interesting year for me. I finally (fiiiiinally) got a planning job.

After so much effort, time and money it was frankly a relief to know that all that work was worthwhile.

8 months later I feel extremely glad to have made the choices I did (both in role and agency). I have enjoyed working here so much that I think I am actually glad I didn't get a job earlier; it sure as hell taught me a lot by not walking straight into something.

A slightly self indulgent thank you to everyone who has made me feel welcome, and everyone who backed me/helped me/gave me advice that got me here. Especially: Rob C, Northern, Charles Frith, Russell Davies, Gemma, Graham, Steve, Lucy, Hrizzle, J&D, Matt & Reg (turkey). (Please don't be offended if you aren't here, I don't wish to type out everyone I know here..!)
I also jointly won the best agency doppelganger from Matt's picture of me drawn on a slice of Turkey. Thaaanks!

The Ad Pit

It's been an unusual year for this blog. For the first time I have experienced being involved in the process of making ads; and I think its impossible not to alter your judgement of bad ads from it. You realise just how often what you think is great doesn't get through for one reason or another.

That said, I have always tried to look at ads as I would do at home flicking channels/pages/webpages/etc.

In terms of posts I have found an issue this year that I need to look at over the near future. No one wants to read a passive blog, and I am highly passionate about making good ads and criticising bad ones... but by knowing so many (and growing) people in adland it is inevitable that I end up strongly slagging off ads worked on by people I respect (as has happened at least once this year).

Now I don't want to change the way I write, and especially not my praise/fury at the output of adland (harsh but constructive usually!); but I need to work out how best to manage that line. It might take a while... so please bear with any changes that might happen.

Readers (both of you) please do let me know what you think!

Famous Rob

Please note I am only referring to myself as Famous Rob for a while as I found I was no longer top of the search rankings for it... and it was a nice thing to show people!


Andy Long said...

love the rants and the praise with or without 2way info flow ..and I'm not even from adland.

but, in the spirit of interaction, what do you think of the virgin 25yr ad? I love it :)

Rob Mortimer said...

I like it, but that's coming up later...