Wednesday, January 07, 2009

From Dire to the Diabolical

Update - Happily this is apparently the work of a Rolex jeweller, and not (it appears) the brand itself. Lets hope so.

Thanks to RobCampbell for pointing this out.

Sometimes, very rarely; outrage is not enough to describe a horrific event. 9/11, the killing of Martin Luther King, the lack of killing of George W Bush, the Israeli treatment of Palestine and the absence of world intervention; to name but a few.

But its very rare in the world of advertising and marketing that something can be SO bad, cause SO much offence, and be SO completely awful in every sense that it makes you want to physically hurt those who created it.

Step forward Rolex's PR agency.

Apparently the y are the brand to pick if ever you feel like killing yourself.

Yes, you may not believe it but Rolex helped to save the life of Owen Wilson.

"I know!


Just shows you the power of capitalism and brand loyalty!"

ARGH! What absolute fuckheads. No wait, that is too good a term for the person who crafted this. This is possibly the single most despicable piece of marketing seen in the 21 century. A showpiece of arrogance, of a complete disparity from the normal world, of completely and utterly missing the whole point of mental illness and suicide.

Unbelievable. I hope for the sake of the PR world that this is a fake. Rather like most Rolexes. (Schmolex my brother calls them)


Jam said...

Close the nominations: Audacious Press Release Of The Year '09 has been found.

...let's hope the shame doesn't cause Owen to do something rash.

Rob @ Cynic said...

I cannot tell you how much I like it when you write like this ...

... that's a compliment by the way, even though you, your family and your colleagues may be dismayed!

Rob Mortimer said...

Very true Jam. Can you imagine the publicity if that did happen... (hope it doesn't mind)

Haha, thanks Rob. I doubt this particular rant would upset anyone as its so ridiculous!