Wednesday, March 18, 2009

And they say advertising needs more regulation

Yet our media is currently revelling in supposed sympathy for Jade Goody, a woman whom they spent several years ripping to shreds as it suited them.

Frankly its disgusting. I can understand her wanting to give interviews to help other cancer sufferers and get money for her kids future. But every other magazine is plastering her everywhere.

Jade is the new Princess Di.

Its sad that this happens to people (a friend of mine is the same age and has cancer), but our media circus is full of absolute hypocrites.

Oh and for the benefit of a certain paper, there is a reason people like Jade were so ignorant. It's that vile hatred, bile and half facts like yours are allowed to be called news.


Rob @ Cynic said...

Are you trying to turn Andy on with this very accurate rant?

Rob Mortimer said...

Not really, but it could be an interesting side effect.

The post below this on the other hand...