Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Competition Time - Killed Ideas

Hello folks, not ran a competition before so this is pretty much an experiment...

We all know that there are hundreds of great creative ideas that never see the light of day. Killed by clients, killed by budget, killed by creative directors, killed by decency laws etc etc.

Now Steve Hall of Adrants is working with a online book publishing company called (and Ammo Marketing) to publish a book of the 50 best Killed Ideas.

Frankly I love the idea anyway, and when they suggested running a killed ideas competition on here; I thought why not.

SO. Let's find the best ideas out there that didn't or wouldn't make it.


1. (In the spirit of the Chip Shop awards) Find/recall/create an ad that didn't run, or wouldn't run, or that you just think would be good.
If it is an idea that is owned by your agency etc please remove the branding or get permission first. I/Adpit/Blurb will not be held responsible for ads shown here that you should not have supplied.

2. Send it to me, marked KilledIdeas to: rob [at] ad-pit [dot] com

3. Myself and another TBC judge will pick our 10 favourites, which will then go to public vote

4. Deadline is Fri 27th March

5. Prizes:

Winner - 2 x £20 vouchers for, where you could print a photo book, an ad book, or whatever you feel like. Plus some bonus random geeky knick knacks from myself.

4 x Runners Up - £20 voucher for


john w. said...

Hi Rob
I hail from Lancashire hence the dark side jibe. Glad you took it in the good humour it was meant.
Gawd knows why it sometimes doesn't come across in print. Must keep working at it. I am an Art Director after all. Anyway what is life like in…where exactly are you at…Sheffield…agency? I pretty much came down to London 17 yrs ago. Mixed times. Up and down. Such is life. Presently offering my view in a freelance capacity.

Rob @ Cynic said...

We are presenting an idea which we all feel is one of the most exciting we've ever come up with - and it involves shit!!! - so if the client has a mental attack and say's no, I'll send it in for consideration.

I hope we don't have to ....