Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hit the North

After all these Northern Planning meetings, which became Sheffield/Leeds Northern Ad meetings, which then became Manchester Ad meetings; I think it's time to actually create some kind of semi-formal group to put them all together.

Not just a facebook group, but a proper mini-identity that allows us to group together properly as opposed to the informal word of mouth system that operates at the moment.

I'd be interested to know your thoughts on this, particularly Gemma, Northern, Simon, David, Andrea, Rebecca, etc who have been to a fair few; and those who were new to the last one, Adam and Dan.

Good name suggestions more than welcome too!

Ad North is a starter I like.


gemma said...

The 'we do live quite a long drive away from each other, but at least we don't work in London' group?

'Beer Evenings' (as opposed to Russell's Coffee Mornings)?

grahamfurlong said...

'Planning Pirates' if you want to join the Navy your train departs to London in 15 minutes. Platform 5.

Charles Frith said...

You have to call it Northern Soul. Let's face it. That's what northerners have. ;)

Rebecca Rae said...

Ummm, I'm not very good at this.

Pie, Chips and Advertising?
(The PCA meets)

Sad I missed the last one but had a massive week and had to plan my radio show.

northerns said...

Not 'ad' please not 'ad'

Rob Mortimer said...

I agree actually, I'm disliking the ad name the more I thihnk about it. Just how we narrow it a little without making it too specific.

Pieman said...

I wander if it could be the responsibility of the agency? If you picked 12 agencies from across the north (we've got five here already if you include my current and future employers), each one could host a night - get some speakers in (not bose style speakers). Maybe a little like what Iris Manchester did, but on a wider scale. If each agency only has to do it once a year it might not be a problem? budgets might be tricky.

Sadly at the time of writing I have no ideas for names.