Monday, November 02, 2009

I have a confession

Despite feeling like there is some interesting thought behind it, and despite being an interesting idea; I just don't feel any warmth towards the new Kingsmill campaign.

It seems like a good idea that has been lost somewhere along the way, and ended up being too long, too complex, and with quirkiness that has faded into weirdness.

It's a shame, as there is a lot of potential here to be saying something different around bread. The idea can be taken into lots of areas, they have already started doing Vox Pop versions, though a batch of B3TA style responses might affect that.

I think its just the execution here that is lacking for me.


simon billing said...

No need to agonize over this one Rob - it's fucking horribly acted, written, shot - plain and simple

Charles Frith said...

Oh dear fucking Lord. Another fucking disaster that makes us our industry look awful. Its BRUTAL. The agency took the cash and sucked some corporate pecker to produce this. I mean BREAD is in the British DNA. How could they fuck this up?

Rob Mortimer said...

Oh good. I was worried my initial impressions (pre this post) were too harsh.