Friday, November 06, 2009

It's NOT a Viral

Most of us know by now, but there are still some people on both sides of the client / agency fence that haven't yet understood. For those people, there is this:


Jam said...

Sweet and to the point. I look forward to sharing this in my agency.


blauwgras2 said...


I see you use one of my pictures in your presentation...
so: where's my money?

it's nice to see you have a strong opinion on going viral, how 'bout your viral ethics?
you could've asked you know... I might have said "ok".

kind regards

Rob Mortimer said...

blauwgras2 - Hi! The general consensus on these things seems to be it's ok to use them under creative commons style non-profit use (hence the link), if you'd like me to remove the image I will of course.

That's a debate in itself, and one I am happy to have given that this is the first presentation of this kind I have done, and I see so many with exactly the same use of images. A good reminder that on the internet you cannot hide anything... even when you aren't trying to!!