Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Ad Pit Aceness Top 10 - January 2011

I like posting about good blogs, but the Ad Age Top 150 is well covered by Spinning Around; so this is going to be simply my personal (tongue in cheek) list of the best blogs I have read over the month. This isn't a case of if you aren't here you are rubbish, simply that I didn't visit your blog as much as those in the list, or I personally preferred their topics this month.

Silly disclaimer: Dropping points does not mean I dislike you, this is a bit of fun...!

The Ad Pit Aceness Scores: January 2011

59 Musings of an Opinionated Sod (up 10points) - Storming start to the year, lots of angry planning rage!

52 Adliterate (up 6points)- Free best of newspaper scores well

50 Northern Planner (up 2points) - Making inanimate objects interesting

50 Spinning Around (up 5points) - Free beer!

48 Almost Always Thinking (up 1point) - As smart as ever

46 Dave Trott (up 1point) - Consistently interesting

45 In The Mode - Interesting stuff

44 Adam + Dan (down 1 point) - Quiet start to the year, plus they allllmost praised go Compare ads!!

43 AdScam (down 1point)- Loses points for implying I don't know my Monty Python, but limits damage for being Adscam

42 Punk Planning (down 2points) - Lost points for using homeopathic toothpaste, but gains for switching back when he realised it was rubbish, and not actually buying it himself

If you want me to check out your blog add it to the comments.

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