Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Planning Postcards

Planning is an awesome job, but I do worry sometimes that it is too computer based, we don't have enough tangible things. So I was thinking about what we could do to bring a bit of real life back...

I got a lovely planning related xmas card from Gemma last year, which was what reminded me of the joy of real paper. I then read Postsecret at the weekend, that made me think about postcards and their simplicity in communicating messages.


Planning Postcards... the idea is basic but I think will work nicely:

People who are interested can email me, and I will send out a few handmade postcards, one for each person, with a simple/interesting phrase or opinion relating to planning.

They keep that postcard (and blog/tweet about it if they so wish) and then create a couple of their own to pass on to other people, and so on, and so on...

If it works then lots of us will get nice handmade planning postcards, and after a while we might even get a few each from different people.

I can write up the rules on a sheet that we can send with each postcard to people who haven't seen this post, and maybe we can create something personal and individual.

So who would be interested? (Leave comment!)
Update: Thanks both of the people who have expressed interest by email!


Yan Chow said...

I may be a bit late to the party, seeing I just discovered this blog — is the offer still up?

Rob Mortimer said...

Nope, I'll add you to the initial list of 3.