Sunday, July 02, 2006

Inspirational Ads Part 1

I was thinking, most ad lists showcase the "best" or most "creative" ads.
What id like to do is show you a few of the ads that inspired me to want to follow and eventually be in advertising.

They aren't necessarily good ads from a creative or effectiveness point of view, but they are ones that made me think, were relevant to me at the time, made me go and try a product, or just made me interested in advertising as a medium.

Maxell - Israelites

This (and the version using Into the Valley) were great ads. They got the message across but were witty and absorbing.

Milton - Lines

I've never seen this since about the age of 4-5. It was for milton sterile fluid, and involved a red line covering the surfaces to imply cleanliness. It creeped me out as a kid, and i've never been able to find it again to disprove it creepiness. If any recalls it in better detail id love to know!

It was probably the first ad I can remember seeing, yet I still understood the message!

Ariston - And on and on

Again, I cannot find this anywhere, sorry. It was from the mid-late 80s, and had lots of moving appliances or house items, and has the song "On and on and Ariston" behind it. This ad was probably not on for long, but I still remembered Ariston as a washing machine brand name for 10 years without EVER seeing an Ariston branded product. Thats some effective recall!

I plan to update this later, but id love to hear what ads inspired you to get involved with advertising...


Rob@Cynic said...

Too be honest ... no ads inspired me to go into advertising, I just sort-of fell into it.

However some of the ones I remember with real warmth are SMASH [instant potato], 'Where's SID' [British Gas - which I still don't get to this day], the 'He's A Very Nice Man' for the AA and the one where the cartoon boy tells the public his cat told him to never talk to strangers.

I actually have a couple of DVD's of old classic ads, should have a look at them and feel really old. Again!

Andrew Hovells said...

In got into advertising by accident,but the old ads for Coke (gleaming teenagers, clinking ice) were so bad I thought I'd never end up in this business. The Nike ads with Agassi in his denim shorts were so good I bought them (tapped into rebellious teenagerdom I think)

Rob Mortimer said...

Heh, gotta love the smash ads.
Charly is the one Rob. Creepy as anything when I was little, but now they seem very cool.

Bad coke ads, inspiring creatives for 30 years ;)

Rob @ Cynic said...

I found the 'Charley' one on my DVD - magic, absolutely magic.

Of course then there's the Green Cross Code Man [unbelievably sad super-hero, who obviously became Darth Vadar] and one of my all time faves, the Daley Thompson 'Lucozade' spot with Iron Maiden's 'Phantom Of The Opera' soundtrack.

It was NIKE before NIKE - and way, way better than the Lara Croft bollocks they ended up doing.

Andy has gone into a massive sulk because I asked him to name one of his fave ads, and the idiot said one that he didn't realise I was involved in [Jack-in-the-Box]- so not only have you brought up a great subject to discuss, you've helped me get 'one over' on my business partner. Brilliant.

Andrew Hovells said...

Hey Rob

Forgot about the Green Cross Code Man. Good call (and nice blog).

Speaking of stuff people have worked on Mr Mortimer; this post has people in my office berating each other for previous crap work. Thanks for prompting people to remember I worked on 'Morrisons Mission'(makes 'More Reasons' seem as good as 'choir').
That's the last time I promote your blog for you.

Rob Mortimer said...

hah, i'm glad my post could have such an effect on an office!

I don't know the Morrisons Mission ones having lived down south until 98.

What do you mean by Jack in the Box Rob?

Thanks for posting guys!

Rob@Cynic said...

Years ago I did an ad for the US based fast-food people, Jack In The Box and even though I say it myself it was great.

It was all about celebrating 'high fat' content [in a humouress way] ... the sort of thing that would give Macca's a heart-attack, haha!

Rafi animates said...

YouTube link to Ariston ad: