Thursday, June 07, 2007

A Room With an Interview...

Well that was an unusual but fun day!

My interview/open day went well I think. I was pretty nervous at the start of the presentation (I never realised how talking to 6 people close up was so scarier than last time when I spoke to about 50 people!) but I think I did much better after that.

The day was fun, and regardless of what happens i'm very very glad I went. Though I never did find out which person there reads this blog (though we suspect its the planning director). If anyone from the agency does read this, thanks for inviting me along. I hope I did well enough to justify picking me!

Two amusing things though:

1. I had a surreal moment of recognising a "famous" adland figure solely by his hair sticking over a cabinet... probably given it away with that one!

2. I actually used a Homer Simpson quote in one of the interview questions (and not just for random effect, it was actually part of my spur of the moment answer!)

Oh, and the journey...

I got off the train and to my hotel (in Bayswater, about 10 minutes tube ride to the interview) at 11pm, and found out the room had a water problem and I had to be transferred.

To Wembley! 25 minutes away...

But to their credit the hotel gave me free drinks at the bar while i waited, paid for the car there (and back the following morning to ensure I got to the interview), AND put me in a Hilton which was really nice. So while it was a total pain, they dealt with it brilliantly. Well done Clarion Collection Shaftesbury for demonstrating exactly how problems can win customer loyalty.

Annoyingly though, the car company in the morning didnt arrive on time, so I left twenty minutes late...and arrived at the agency 10 minutes late thanks to hideous London traffic. You couldnt make it up. Transferred, late car, traffic...

Still. At least I had a fun day, met some very nice people, and hopefully miiiight get this job everyone keeps telling me I deserve. So thank you so much for your support people who keep backing me, I really really appreciate it.

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Rob @ Cynic said...

On behalf of everyone at cynic and probably adland blogsphere, we wish you luck - though it truth be told, they'd be the lucky ones to have you.