Friday, June 29, 2007

iIs iIt iJust iMe?

Who isnt bothered in the slightest about the iPhone?

It looks nice, its seems to have typical Apple flare in design and usage... yet I just can't seem to find any desire in me for it.

I love my phone. I love cameras. But...nothing.

I wonder if its already so popular that its lost its cool before it has even launched here.

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FishNChimps said...

I must admit, I have no urge to buy one, but then again the mobile internet hasn't taken off here yet. The latest Vodafone campaign that Scamp worked on is the tip of the iceberg - just wait for the saturation of "mobile internet" "mobile internet" etc etc over the next few months from all the handset manufacturers.
You will start to get twinges, but hopefully by then the competition might have driven down the price.

Rob Mortimer said...

Unless its 3G, which the US one isnt... then its FAR too slow to be any use as mobile internet anyway.

FishNChimps said...

blimey. hardly cutting edge then, is it?

NP said...

I couldn't give a monkeys about Iphones.
I haven't got an Ipod.
I haven't got wireless.
And you know what? I'm sure I'm happier for it.

Very grumpy this week.

lauren said...

add me to the list of thos non-plussed about the iphone. and i have an ipod, ibook and wireless.

the only thing i'll use an iphone for is skype. and i'll attach a headset to avoid that facegunk on the screen thing happening.. heh.. facebook with new and improved facegunk.