Monday, June 25, 2007

Post 201! Send £1000 for £1million of Marketing Advice

Or... what marketers should learn from spamming fraudulent bastards.

I recieved this email at work today:

Dear Friend,

My name is Edward Moore QC.Principal partner Edward Moore & Associates London UK and I was compelled by my late client's request to contact you on a matter of great financial reward.My client late Hassan zahrul (Malaysian by Birth) ,an Industrialist and Real Estate Guru died recently leaving a vast wealth in your name as his "Next of Kin".

Do contact me immediately via my Direct Telephone:+44-7045...... or better still send me an email to my direct email address as below stated for immediate action on this matter.


I expect your immediate response and call and also let me have your direct telephone and mobile lines so i can call you as well.This matter demands urgent action and i urge you to make this possible.

Awaiting your response.

Edward Moore Q.C
Principal Partner
Edward Moore & Associates
Direct Telephone:+44-7045

So, a QC and partner of a firm uses a Yahoo email address?
Even though I know of not one single Malaysian... one has left me a fortune?
Despite being London based you use a dodgy 070 number?
Ive been sent this at my work address?
The email box says "sent to undisclosed recipients"
Ive been left money but you can't tell me my name?

The point you may wonder... is:

So so many companies advertise and market in this fashion. Promising you a great product, or that using it will give you women, or shows you to be smart, or will save you money etc. But how many people are actually that stupid to fall for it? Only a tiny number.

You cannot lie to people now. You can hardly get away with a little white one, so telling someone your rubbish cheap product is brilliant won't work. People will find out and tell others. Your brand cannot live a lie.


Anonymous said...

wise words Roberto. Think the more people in this industry that understand that, the better.

Rob Mortimer said...

Thanks Simon.
Its something I believe very strongly in, its a shame that so many people in the industry clearly don't...