Thursday, June 14, 2007

Oh Brother...What Art Thou Thinking?

I think that Big Brother should be mandatory viewing for marketers.
Note, I mean figuratively, not actually watching that hype ball of fake garbage.

Its an absolute masterclass in how people say and do different things.

Millions of people every year say "I'm not watching that rubbish again"...but they do.

People say they want to see sex and huge arguments, and they do; but as soon as they do they complain like mice with mouldy cheese.

People are rightly appalled and disgusted by stupid posh people using racist words without even realising they are being offensive. But they watch it, and will turn in specially just to Big Brother 27, Now with 10% more N-word.

Had Channel 4 censored the word, would they have had half the viewers? I doubt it.

Listen to people talk about Big Brother, and find out what is going on. Because you will rarely get such an insight into how people think and react to unusual stimuli than this....apart from maybe the London 2012 logo. ;)


Rob @ Cynic said...

So true Rob, my Dad was an Ethics Lawyer and yet he'd cancel phonecalls/meetings if they interfered with watching Neighbours - a show he loved but never admitted. It was always a case of "It just happens to be on" rather than the truth.

More researchers should be aware of the lies we hide behind.

Rob (ad pit) said...

Im glad someone responded, I thought this was really interesting and then it went quiet!!

Its so true, but I think BB is a very polarised and extreme example.

It shows you the risks of poorly thought out research.

Helen said...

rob - I love the fact that people are contradictory and self deluding. It's what makes them/us endlessly interesting.

More importantly. I'm a BB viewer and happy to admit it.

For terminal people-watchers like me it's simply irresistable. I like the the fact that BB keeps its rats in the pen for months rather than weeks; I love watching and listening to people talk about and make sense of BB; I love watching the producers try to edit it into a story to influence the audience.

It's definitely not cool to admit watching it these days though :(