Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Post of the Month Winner

By a country mile, the winner of the first Ad Pit post of the month competition was Rob Campbell and his Charity Begins at Home post.

The results were:

Charity Begins at Home - Rob Campbell - 91.9% (34)
In defence of Brand Monologues - Adliterate - 5.4% (2)
Who Dunnit - Raymond - 2.7% (1)
Agency ecosystems - Logic and Emotion 0% (0)

Normally id be pretty angry to see Richard Huntingdon get such a low vote; but this month that was more down to the thoughtfulness and drive to help of the winning post.

Well done everyone who was nominated, and thanks to everyone who voted.

I get married in less than two weeks, so the nominations for August will start (hopefully) just before 1st Sept! After which the voting will start to settle into a regular date pattern!

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