Friday, August 24, 2007

Question for Ad Pit Readers

Would you be interested in asking questions about mobile advertising and mobile ad opportunities (etc) to the CEO of 'one of the fastest growing online and mobile chatting/flirting/dating networks' ? (I will mention their name if the consensus is you would like to hear their answers)

If so please post your questions here and I will get back to them with what you would like to know.

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Nishad said...


One of the questions you may want to consider: Is advertising the right word to use for communication that people receive will on their mobile phones. Of course there will be pre-roll ads and stuff aplenty, but would consumers really want to see the traditional stuff replayed on their phones?

Maybe you could ask them how will advertising or paid communication evolve so that these messages are received by users on their phones?

If they could give us a glimpse on how mobile networks can help community building and networking using widgets and apps.

And what are the emerging ideas they see in these areas?