Wednesday, August 01, 2007

There May be Trouble Ahead...

But for now, lets be thankful that so far Gordon Brown has done very little wrong.

He handled the car bomb threat well; he has shown George Bush he wont be a Tony Blairalike lapdop; he has pushed to FINALLY get some proper action taken in Dafur, he has taken a few sensible policy decision as well.

I know like all politicians it will turn bad, but lets look on the bright side; if he keeps this up we wont ever have to put up with that smug two faced wanker David Cameron.

More ad related thoughts soon!


Charles Frith said...

Don't forget that Brown wants to extend the extension for holding suspects to 56 days.

Let me be straight. The security services are the same bunch of chumps who gave us the Iraq dossier. Arrested a doctor erroneously in Australia over the airport bombings and generally hide all their mistakes behind the veil of secrecy.

Brown backing this shows a complete lack of understanding of what is going on and furthermore lack of spine against the terror terror machine. For that is what it is.

His smile is fake beyond belief. I preferred Brown when he didn't smile. It was at least being true to himself.

Rob Mortimer said...

Very much so. Though I think he has a better understanding of terror than you do...

As I said, there will always be bad things from any politician. But at the moment I would rather trust Hitler to run a Ethnic Minority conference than I would Cameron running this country.

Which means we are probably stuck with Brown, so its nice to at least have a positive to contrast against the inevitable negatives.

Rob Mortimer said...


I dont mean a better understand of terror than Charles. But a better understanding than you give him credit for.


FishNChimps said...

IMHO Gordon Brown displays more signs of cognitive dissonance than Blair and Bush put together; Cameron's an opportunist prick who's green jumper (designed to help leap onto bandwagons) is unravelling, and Ming's dead on his feet.
My vote's on an absolute monarchy (at least while Her Maj is still alive).