Friday, August 10, 2007

Break a Leg

Well, surprise of surprises... I just heard an injury solicitors ad that I like!

For BGR Bloomers, instead of being patronising its humourous (not laugh out loud funny, but smile funny).

It starts with a person likely to cause an accident:

"I can drive this forklift faster than anyone here, even backwards without spilling my tea. In other words, im an accident waiting to happen."

Focusing on the people who cause problems rather than showing people tripping over a paving slab with chewing gum on it makes it all the better; and puts the company way out in front in my view of this industry.

Its not mind blowing, but compared to other injury claims ads this is very good stuff.


Sarah Booth said...

kinda like the Norwich Union Direct ads on at the moment - they're talking about the "numpties" (love that word) on the road that cause you to have crashes etc...

Rob Mortimer said...

Same here, its quite a good ad. Along with the recent Direct Line ads, it seems to show a progressive improvement in insurance ads. Long may that continue.

Rob Mortimer said...

(oh, and welcome to my blog!)