Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Still they get worse

Ive not watched much tv recently (thank Guitar Hero 2 and Paper Mario!), but I do hear the radio at work.

And oh dear.

Debt management/iva ads havent got much better have they.

A new low is W3 Debt Solutions, who compare putting a plaster on a cut to getting debt help. Except in that patronising, nagging, know it all tone that seems to swamp these ads.

Are there no debt companies that understand how to make a decent ad? Just because you are talking to people with money problems doesnt make them stupid or ignorant.


Dave Mortimer said...

Puuting on a plaster? That's a rediculous thing to compare debt to.

It's more like mowing the lawn,
or running a hurdles race,
or getting lost in a maze,
or being a goal keeper,
or walking a tight rope,
or being lost on a desert island,
or being on a quiz show and not knowing the answers,
or being trapped in bird cage.

Rob Mortimer said...

Well researched Dave.
Worst goalkeeping EVER.

Dave Mortimer said...

or losing weight,
or swimming in a race

lauren said...

i've been waking up to some rubbish commercial radio lately too and radio ads are awful! the worst one at the moment is 3 mobile.. god it's crap.

Rob Mortimer said...

Isnt it just. So strange considering the reliable quality of their tv ads.

sample said...

Yes, I do agree with this..but radio ads have become so worse in 21st century.. previously i feel there were very less ads. Hope they stop this and concentrate on playing good music and updated news. thanks

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