Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Branding Race

If you asked any racing fan to tell you the most amazing driver of this year, they would without question point to Lewis Hamilton. A guy who at just 22 (i think) has taken the Formula One world by storm, leading the current world champion Fernando Alonso into the last race of the championship. Not only is he the sports first ever black driver, he is possibly about to be its youngest champion AND the first ever rookie champion.

Now. There is also a HUGE lesson in branding going on before our eyes.

In one season Hamilton has gone from a promising young newcomer to being seen as the epitome of poise and reliability. With a sense of openess but also with a huge sense of confidence and appreciation , always thanking those who work with him.

In one season Alonso has gone from being the fan favourite to public enemy number one. His relucance to be equally treated with a rookie, his threats to the team, AND the way he has made more mistakes than a newcomer.

When looking at the rise and fall of brands, how new brands need to position themselves, and how old brands should react to newcomers...there are a million and one possible lessons here.

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