Monday, October 22, 2007

Shiny Happy People

On the radio recently i've been repeatedly forced to hear the same 5 ads over and over again. Its teeth grinding stuff. As much as I think blood donation is a brilliantly worthwhile cause, hearing Gabby Logans story 20 times a day for two weeks is really irritating.

Also, there is constant repetition of an ad fresh from the bad old days of advertising.

Regaine Hair ...stuff.

As a future member of the bowling ball head planner club (hi NP!!), this ad is incredible. Its literally saying that being bald makes you feel worthless and useless. Which is funny, as thats never been a thought i've had on the subject.

I find the ad offensive, patronising and downright ignorant. I would rather become shiny gracefully than ever give a company with ads like that a penny of my money.


FishNChimps said...

'sfunny that, cos the popular look amongst the trendy young blokes in my agency is the shaven head. Needless to say, they nicked this idea off me.
Seems like the baldness industry must be pulling its hair out over the erosion of what was once a stigma.

Rob Mortimer said...

Great pun there!

Absolutely. They are panicking at the loss of their role as confidence restorer.

I think they would gain so much more by playing it the other way:

"Shaven heads are great, but if you want the choice of something else try this..."

NP said...

As it happens I AM worthless and useless. It has little to do with hair though.

Rob Mortimer said...

Bad day NP?
Whats up?

np said...


Rob Mortimer said...

Sounds bad... hope it gets better! said...

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