Monday, October 22, 2007


Being a fan of any sport is a nightmare for anyone in Britain (or Ireland). Ours teams and sportspeople promise so much but just never quite get there.

Since Wednesday:

England football team defeat put them probably out of Euro 08
Scotland football team defeat makes it hard for them to reach Euro 08
Wales defeat
Ireland embarrassing draw
Northern Ireland defeat
England rugby team bravely lose Rugby World Cup final
Lewis Hamilton makes first real mistake of year and then suffers engine cutout to lose the title despite leading the championship most of the year.

Honestly. What IS it with our country???


David Mortimer said...

To be fair, considering the size of our country, we probably over perform at sports...

Age said...

As an Aussie, I smiled at my computer screen reading this post.


Rob Mortimer said...

We are small, but our population isnt that small compared to many countries.

Age, very well... but remember who we beat to even get to the Rugby final in the first place.

David Mortimer said...

Two words can solve all of our sporting failures, and they are Kevin and Keegan.

I do find it funny how the entire sport of Rugby has been forgotten by people within a couple of days, compared to when we won in the final and it was popular for at least a week. said...

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