Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Little Birdy Told Me

The new Robinsons bird house ad is just adorable. Full of sweetness, character and witty details that make it an original way out of a brief that has been seen a hundred times before.

It seems to me to be one of those ads where the atmosphere of nature is enough to sell the idea over explicity demonstrating lack of artificiality and so on. One of those where thinking it through is to try too hard...

My wife pointed this out to me last week and I missed it until last night, thanks for the tip!


Rob @ Cynic said...

Love it ... absolutely love it.

And it even 'feels' Robinsons, and given they spent 3000 years associating with tennis, that's great news.

Adam said...

I'm a big fan of this ad, but I don't really think it 'feels' Robinsons for me.

But I just don't associate 'natural' with Robinsons, if it was a juice fine but not a cordial drink.

But apart from that... the best bit, when he pops in the door look at the claw shape wellies! Fantastic touch!

Rob @ Cynic said...

I know what you mean about Robinson's not being associated with natural ... but for me, they've always had a link with 'simple pleasures' but I guess all that shows is their previous communication was all over the shop, ha!