Friday, May 08, 2009

A Much Better Cause - Please Help

I think the Las Vegas trip was maybe aiming a little too high given the circumstances! So I shall instead report from here in Blighty... Thank you to the peeps who offered help (and even one person who offered to lend me 200 Euros to help me get there).

However, I have found a better cause for everyone to put money into, I am taking part in the Go The Distance Cycling Challenge in aid of Soft Power Education charity, who do brilliant work helping to provide access to education for children in Uganda.

If you have a few quid/euros/dollars/Yuan that you can spare I would love it you could put them towards this great cause. The photos of me falling off my bike all day will make it worthwhile I promise! (Only cycled twice in 12 years, this is pretty hard a challenge for me!!)

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Rob Mortimer said...

First one received, thanks!