Friday, May 15, 2009

Birdy Song

Hmm. I find it slightly ironic, an ad with the line 'Stay on top of your game' is an example of not staying at the top of your game in terms of the ad.

Sure it's ok, nice silly line which fits the message. Problem is threefold really:

1. Brains was a masterstroke, a memorable character doing something funny. Random guy doesn't work anything like as well.
2. Ride on Time is a huge track, but it doesn't work here. The nostalgia is good but the track is too slow.
3. Using a jokeline as the basis for the ad just doesn't work here. The ad feels stretched out to lengthen the joke, whereas Brains could just stylish moves that were funny.

Back to the drawing board I'm afraid. More brains less birds please.

1 comment:

simon said...

Please, please tell me I'm fucking stupid and that I've missed the point someplace and that this is not just an elaborate and costly ad all around a very weak pun on the word, game?